The Altar Society serves as both a social organization, as well as maintaining liturgical items and supporting the purchase of liturgical needs through fundraising efforts. We purchase for the church liturgical supplies, Altar flowers, Altar wine, Altar bread and other miscellaneous items. All women of the Parish are considered members of the Altar Society. There are approximately 65 dues-paying members of the Altar Society. Dues are $5 year. Altar Society holds various fundraisers throughout the year such as bake sales, and collections for Altar wine and Altar flowers. You can sign up in the back of the church if you would like to sponsor the flowers for a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, birthday or whatever. Altar Society is very active and new members are welcome to join.
St. Joseph Old Cathedral Altar Society Officers 2016-17

Pam Stottman
Laura Nauman
Vice President

Lydia Foote
Denise Waters
Altar Society meetings are the first Sunday of the month in the Parish Hall, September through May.

v January


v February
Meeting; Membership Event; Bake Sale;

v March
Meeting; Collection for wine; Collection for Easter flowers; St. Joseph Feast Day; Altar Society sponsored Lenten supper

v April
Meeting; Archbishop Confirmation reception; Slate of officers

v May
Meeting; Election of officers;

No Meeting

v July
No Meeting

v August
No Meeting

v September
Meeting either first or second weekend

v October

v November

v December
Collection for Christmas flowers